This I was not really expecting… much less to be the first cancellation of 2015. A good show, with established presence in a good network who respects its flagship shows. So, seeing USA cancelling Covert Affairs baffles me a little. Granted, the show went from nearly 5 million viewers in its debut season to a mere 1.58 in last season finale. But I did not expect USA to let the show go into oblivion without letting it resolve the cliffhangers. Is Auggie leaving the agency? Is Annie getting married to McQuaid? Aren´t Annie and Auggie ending up together after all?

I would´ve thought that USA would give Covert Affars an ultra reduced sixth season; maybe six wrap-up episodes the way it did with White Collar, if not a farewell season as Psych. A real pity. And to make matters worse, it has the strange honor of being the first cancelled show in 2015; a show I really didn´t want to chronicle as cancelled until at least one more season.

You will all have to speculate and look for answers on the cliffhangers in your own imagination now… or… hope a last minute streaming intervention comes for some extra episodes, Community-style.

For me this show will always be Auggie and Annie… What do you think about this? Are you sad USA cancelled Covert Affairs after five seasons? Would you have watched some more? Let me know in the comments section. And follow me on Twitter for more scoop.