AMC´s biggest hit… heck, TV´s biggest hit is coming back on Sunday February 8th 9/8C. That´s when Season 5b of The Walking Dead finally returns, as marked on our TV premieres calendar. And that´s the day in which must watch TV for 2015 starts.

As we can see in the key art for the season, above, The New World´s Gonna Need Rick Grimes… and our world needs The Walking Dead.

After the heartbreaking midseason finale, the series will pick up with the band on the run, with whatever little they still have, both in terms of possessions and in spirits. At least they still have each other… the ones still left. And they have Rick and Daryl, that´s a bit of a kickass team to have on your side, right?

Midseason finale nabbed 14.8 million viewers. Can we make a bet there will be 15 Millions on the premiere?

So back to the Key Art in the poster above… All the gang walking around, Daryl and Rick looking backwards and a map… and that line: “The New World’s Gonna Need Rick Grimes”. Odd photoshopping on Rick´s head aside… it looks awesome… I can´t wait for the season to premiere. What are your thoughts? Have you marked your calendar for The Walking Dead return on February 8th? Follow me on Twitter for more scoop. Or check out my The Walking Dead Pinboard in the meantime.