girls-hbo-renewed-cancelledLast Sunday season 4 of the critically acclaimed (if not watched) HBO show Girls premiered. RIght before that, Girls got renewed for season five as was announced by HBO´s president of programming Michael Lombardo.

There is a bit of double standards at Hollywood these days. After all the controversy with the child molestation sibject from her own memoirs by Lena Dunham, she got little backlash and a swift renewal. I wasn´t expecting a Cosby treatment for her in the sense of cancel everything she´s doing, but a deeper look to say the least. That shows you it´s not about the subject; the decisions are made for other factors when on a controversial matter.

All in all, Girls is a good that has a solid if not spectacular audience, with appeal to the critics and constant awards buzz. That´s enough for HBO to renew Girls for a fifth season. I´ll stick to Game of Thrones I guess, as this one is not my cup of tea, but I understand the appeal it has.

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