someone-got-woody-psych-shawn-gusAn episode of Psych about Woody the Coroner is always something that will turn out to be a funny one… but that can be said about pretty much any Psych episode… boy do I miss the show!
In this one, Woody the Coroner gets involved in a hostage situation and the gang needs to take care of him and rescue him.
So, let´s take a look at what happened in this one.

Best Quotes and Pop References from Psych Final Season S08E04 Someone´s Got a Woody

Shawn: I know exactly what crime we can fake.

Lassiter: People, we have ourselves a situation.

Shawn: We can solve the case and touch hearts on the way.

Trout: O´Hara, come here by my side… not so close, this isn´t Dancing With The Stars.

Trout: Personally, I have to get home in time to watch ‘2 Broke Girls,’ see what kind of pickle they’re in this week.

Trout: Oooooooooutttt
Shawn: He went all Gary Oldman on my ass.
Gus: You may wanna rephrase it

Woody: I can´t die, I have 43 Twitter followers that depend on me… and I have a daughter.

Shawn: There´s only one thing left to do, Gus.
Gus: We’re not going ‘Shawshank,’ Shawn
Shawn: Why not?
Gus: First of all, it would take us three months.

Gus: Trout threw us out and there is no way to get back in there and not get arrested.
Shawn: That´s right. He threw out Shawn Spencer and Darnell Guster… but he did not throw out Satchell Gizmo and Soupcan Sam.

Lassiter: How do you guys always do this.

Cyrus: I´m sure you can relate.
Shawn: Actually I can. Gus cannot.
Gus: See you.

Trout: Move past the sandwich.

Shawn: I´m Emilio Estevez and this Vato here…

Trout: Detective O´Hara, When I want your opinion, I’ll rent ‘Charlie’s Angels.

Shawn: Stop talking about Math as if it´s a person… and as if it is black.
Gus: Math´s not black. Verb is black.

Nicknames from Psych Final Season S08E04 Someone´s Got a Woody

Shawn: Satchell Gizmo, Emilio Estevez

Gus: Darnell Guster, Soupcan Sam, Glutano.

Woody: Slim.

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