Psych-Dule-Hill-Burton-Guster-Top-Sidekick-TVYou know how there´s always a Robin to every Batman, right? Well, at least that´s the case for Television heroes and not-so-heroes.

And now I will be listing, totally biased by my own opinion I might add, the top fifteen sidekicks on TV.

There are some that are going to be left out for a variety of reasons. Either I think they are not sidekick-y enough (Peter Burke on White Collar), there was not much sidekick-ing to do (George Costanza on Seinfeld) or there was not one way to establish who was sidekick-ing the other (Chandler and Joey on Friends). In other cases, just because they make an honorable mention, but fail to make my top ten list (Yes, I´m biased and may have left your favourite out, and that´s the reason for the comments section to exist). Or because the sidekick-ness of the character is mostly browesomeness and wingman-ity (Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother), or because I don´t picture them as two separete people (Scrubs´ JD and Turk).

And now, without further ado…

Top Fifteen Sidekicks on TV

1- Burton Guster from Psych

You know you can´t count on him if there´s a corpse out there, or if you need courage, but he is the ultimately sidekick no matter what. Any guy that can endure so many nicknames is number one on my book. And Dulé Hill´s Gus is on top of the sidekicks on TV list, by far. He even did the TapMan as a sidekick to Roday´s Catcher.

2- John Watson from Sherlock

He is historically the definition of a sidekick. So whatever version of Sherlock going around has a Dr Watson, and Watson is a top sidekick for sure.

3- Dr Spock from Star Trek

I was pondering putting Spock a little lower, but who am I kidding. You can´t travel a galaxy without a Spock to your side. He gets to be top three.

4- Dr James Wilson from House

We were all sad to see this show go this year, but what we can´t deny is that the final scene on House was an homage to the sidekickness of Dr James Wilson.

5- Willow Rosenberg from Buffy

Who said girls can´t be great sidekicks? This one sure can! Alyson Hannigan´s Willow is by far the best lady sidekick on TV and one of the reasons we miss Buffy.

6- Sam Axe from Burn Notice

He is great at everything that means having his buddy´s back. Michael Westen could not pull off his jobs without him; and while he´s at it, he can even drink some margaritas wearing ugly shirts and pulling them off. He´s so good he can even lead a movie about him. A sidekick to go to war with.

7- Milhouse from The Simpsons

You think Bart could do half his stunts without him? Not a chance. Hence, Milhouse gets on the list, topping other candidates from The Simpsons like Smithers or Flanders.

8- Paul Pfeiffer on The Wonder Years

Milhouse is based upon him, The Wonder Years wouldn´t have been such a great show without him, and he even got a little urban legend with all the Marylin Manson is him BS.

9- Mozzie from White Collar

Any bald, little, paranoid guy who can make you believe he is awesome and fearless deserves a spot. If he is Mozzie and does all that while helping Neal Caffrey, that grants a spot on this list.

10- Stacy on Drop Dead Diva

She knows Jane is actually Deb, she knows everything and keeps her secret, she is lovely while at it. She deserves the spot here.

11- Auggie from Covert Affairs

Several reasons for him to be here… He could (Should) have a show about him, but he is doing sidekick duty to Piper Perabo´s Annie Walker as a blind CIA operative who rocks. Oh, and he is played by the uber cool Christopher Gorham. Need I say more?

12- Morgan Grimes from Chuck

There´s nothing as sidekick-y as to become an intersect for your buddy.

13- Ando from Heroes

He played an actual sidekick to an actual Hero to perfection.

14- Niles from The Nanny

He was and probably still is our favourite butler, but he doubled duties as Fran Fine´s sidekick.

15- Franklin Aloyisius Mumford from My Wife and Kids

The best sidekid. Each and every scene between him (Noah Gray Cabbey) and Michael Kyle (Damon Wayans) was pure joy. I still watch any reruns of this show if they are both on it.

What are your thoughts? Who are your favourite TV Sidekicks? Let me know in the comments section. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter for more of these lists.