Burn-Notice-Spoiler-who-is-tyler-grayDoes the name TG ring a bell to you? Does Tyler Gray? No? Well, soon it will. Tyler Gray is going to be the new Ghost on Burn Notice. The one who Michael Westen will go after as the new baddie. What will he lead us to? Well, who knows.

It´s still time to theorize and guess who Tyler Gray is. We only know as much as you do. Michael is going after him.
I won´t tell you any spoilers of Burn Notice regarding Tyler Gray´s storyline. But what I will tell you is I know who Tyler Gray is, and so will you in five seconds: Prime Suspect and The Shield´s Kenny Johnson will play Tyler Gray on Burn Notice, and will act as such in midseason finale Desperate Times, slated to air August 23rd.

You will first learn about him in this week´s episode in a mission that brings back the two CIA agents that met Sam on The fall of Sam Axe, so you know the episode´s gonna be good. But it will also kick in a chase.

This episode is called Unchained, and in it the CIA recruits Fiona to break into a guarded safe after a civilian asset winds up in over her head with a black market entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Sam and Jesse visit a mercenary training camp in hopes of finding the whereabouts of an exceptionally skilled sniper.

That brings us to Tyler Gray and midseason finale Desperate Times, where Michael travels to Panama with his team to capture a deadly assassin. However, the operation goes terribly wrong when the target discovers their location, leaving Michael and his team outnumbered and outgunned. Back in Miami, Madeline tries getting answers to some difficult questions from Card.

The episode´s called Desperate Times, so we can surely expect desperate measures.

But not a single spoiler over here, just the casting scoop on who is Tyler Gray, or, to put it properly, who will play Tyler Gray on Burn Notice.

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