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Guillermo Paz onto Dramedy
Sandy Lester I am sad and disappointed that drop Dead Diva has been cancelled!!! :( I truly love this show as do many of my friends and daughters!! We would like to see it revived maybe on a different network? Please!!!!!!!!
Guillermo Paz onto Dramedy
Guillermo Paz onto Actresses
Anne Mariska Hargitay on my list is always on top. Olivia Benson became an icon among women. Olivia is determined, courageous, humane, sensitive, fair and competent. His empathy with the victims is emblematic. And Mariska Hargitay is simply beautiful and sexy. It is impossible not to love her.
Guillermo Paz onto Dramedy
Guillermo Paz onto Contests and Giveaways
Beth T. Oh, easy one. My best friend, Tami, would be a splendid guardian angel. I miss her dearly, and she would be the perfect combination of giving good advice and encouraging me to get the most out of life. Thanks for the giveaway!
Carmen Hm, good question. In some ways it would be good to have a best friend, or a close relative like your Mom be your guardian angel, as they know you well. But in some ways, it might be good have a complete stranger be your guardian angel, that way they are not biased in any way. But personally, I would prefer my best friend, I would want someone who knows me well. :) I like Series and TV on Facebook I liked this article on Facebook And I tweeted: https://twitter.com/ContestCarmen/status/206202607629381632 Thanks for the chance, love this show :)
Guillermo Paz onto Dramedy
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] Drop Dead Diva gets renewed for season four. [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Breakout Kings, Dog Whisperer, Psych
Psych Season Six Premiere Shawn rescues Darth Vader spoilers, quotes pop references and nicknames [...] and I can´t be more excited about it, since it is probably the best show around (at least among those never getting the nod as that); and also, because I had an interview with James Roday and Dule Hill where they talked to me about [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Donna I love drop dead diva keep it going
Rod Good show, glad it's coming back.