drop-dead-diva-chelsea-kane-interview-guestChelsea Kane comes fresh from her new show Baby Daddy´s first season finale, and pickup for second season, but that´s not all she´s doing these days… she is also guest starring on the next episode of Drop Dead Diva and we had the chance to interview her about her gig on the Lifetime hit.

In the season 4 finale, CHELSEA KANE plays a very successful country music star (think Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood), Paige McBride who is a multi-millionaire with a massive fanbase and an odd legal problem. After one of her manic fans (played by Kelly Osbourne) confesses to having tampered with the brakes of Paige’s dirty, rotten, cheating, ex-husband, a crime based on a “revenge song” of Paige’s, she’s accused of having solicited the crime, and is placed on trial.

Interview with Chelsea Kane about Drop Dead Diva

Chelsea Kane: this was so much fun to play a little country singer. I grew up singing and doing theatre and, of course, I’m a huge fan of the Taylor Swifts and Carrie Underwoods of the world and of course I don’t consider myself a singer, so to kind of get thrown into this pop star character was a lot of fun.

And I had a great time shooting this because I had just finished shooting the first season of show on ABC Family, which is called Baby Daddy, which is live audience sitcom. So, to suddenly go back in to single camera, a little more dramatic role, it was nice to kind of dip back into something like that.

I think it was just really fun that Drop Dead Diva kind of touched on that. That, you know, here’s this young pop star, Paige McBride, and it’s actually her boyfriend. She’s been dating this hot little club promoter who she discovers has been cheating on her and writes a song about, you know, wanting to slash his tires with a kitchen knife.

And so, the minute that happens, it’s just really funny but the who done it, whether it was a fanatic or Paige herself. And I just – I think it’s really interesting how fanatics can, you know, become such a part of these pop stars’ lives and feel like they know them.

Most of the, I feel like “pop star, movie star” roles out there for young blond girls are usually pretty mean and conniving, so I like that this girl has a heart and she just kind of got caught up in a bad situation. So, that’s what really drew me to the project.

Plus, you know, to be shooting in Atlanta and there were some other guest stars on the show that I was excited. Kelly Osbourne plays my biggest fan, which is hysterical to me because I’m such a fan of her. So, that was a very surreal moment. And (unintelligible) was also on the episode, even though we didn’t have any scenes together. I grew up watching all of his movies and, you know, it was fun to see him in the hotel restaurant at the end of the night. So, it was all the way around just a great experience for me.

Working with Kelly was amazing. I just think she’s so cool. You know, I just love her. I grew up watching, you know, her show on MTV and got to meet her for the first time after my experience on Dancing with the Stars. She was very, you know, active in that and I got to guest star on her show, The Fashion Police.

But, it was such a pleasant surprise. I had already taken the role and done a couple days of shooting when they cast Kelly as the biggest fan and it was so exciting to see her and talking about, you know, well we were just on the subject of cool hair. If I could pull of lavender, I definitely would. And yes, it’s just – it’s – she’s such a cool girl and such a nice girl and it was great to be able to work with her in a non-reality department. She did a really good job.

And then, from there – as far as fanatic experiences go, I’ve never really had a crazy, scary situation myself. I love my fans and we have a great, you know, relationship online and whenever there is – whenever there are events. But, like I was saying earlier, it was really, really interesting to be working with the Jonas Brothers right as that craze hit and just the extremes that not only the fans would go to, but the mom would go to was crazy.

You know, watching moms drop their kids off with bikes in front of the Jonas Brothers’ house so that they could ride bikes around with us or, you know, we had padlocks or almost like key codes. It was like getting into the White House to get onto our set. The key codes changed weekly because we had so much problem with girls sneaking into our sets and hiding in the dressing room and hiding in the showers. Finding their way to get close to the boys. So, you know, it was a fun experience because the girls were innocent and I got to watch it from afar. I’m sure I would be feeling very differently if I opened my shower and a fan was standing in there. So I’ve never had a crazy experience.

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