covert-affairs-spoiler-annie-simon-dead-lena-killedOk, so I let you folks one full day to watch the episode and not spoil it for anyone, but hey… how incredible was the episode huh?

And the cliffhanger in the end! So now let´s talk a bit if Annie Walker is dead or alive in Covert Affairs, and also if Simon is dead or alive

First of all… there are other questions too. What was it on the file that Arthur got about Annie? Is it true that we got to see the real traitor behind the killing of Jai Wilcox? Did Lena actually kill Annie and Simon? Or is it that Lena is doing the good thing because Annie was fleeing? So many questions. So little answers.

We get to see Lena checking Simon for pulse and then moving on to Annie… so it´s a fair assumption to think that Simon is dead on Covert Affairs. It´s also a fair assumption to think that Annie is not dead, since that should almost definitely put an end to the show.

So there, my verdict: Simon is dead, Annie is alive, and now the hunt for Lena begins. Biggest question though is… why didn´t Lena send someone else to kill Simon and Annie, and she could stay undercover as the traitor. Another thing yet to resolve is… who are Lena´s bosses.

What are your thoughts? Is Simon dead? Is Annie dead? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Also, follow me on Twitter for more Covert Affairs scoop.