Covert-Affairs-spoiler-jai-wilcox-dead-diesThe wait is over soon, since fan favourite Covert Affairs is coming back for third season in no time, Tuesday July 10 10/9 C on USA, with an episode called “Hang On To Yourself” in which After tragedy shakes up the CIA, Annie (Piper Perabo) and the rest of the DPD find themselves in an unfamiliar situation.

This episode has a major game changer, but… as I said in the title, I won´t give you the spoiler from Covert Affairs season three premiere… but boy, you need to watch it, it´s jawdroppingly Wowza!

Best Quotes from Covert Affairs Season 3 Premiere Hang on to yourself

Jai: I have an opportunity for you, an opportunity nobody gave me when I started here

Jai: We can´t do this here… follow me and you´ll see Annie.

I usually tell stuff from the first ten minutes of the episode, but in this case I can´t go further than minute two… But I will add some of the best quotes from Covert Affairs season premiere, and also invite you to check the Covert Affairs Fan Map I created.

Auggie: I was far better yesterday
Arthut: You and me both, Auggie

Arthur: This is tough. Deal with it. You are a spy, now act like one.

Annie: Why are you treating me like a suspect?

Annie: With all due respect, you don´t know what I´m going through

Auggie: Face it Annie Walker, you graduated.

And that´s the first ten minutes. So, no more from me. Zip it!

What do you think about Covert Affairs season three premiere Hang on to yourself? Will you watch it? Let me know in the comments section, and remember to mark your calendar for July 10 10PM on USA.

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And answer this: Is Jai Wilcox dead on Covert Affairs, or was it a covert explosion to fake his death and maybe he will come back later?