covert-affairs-map-locations-storylineI started creating maps for shows with Storage Wars map last week. Well, this week it´s scripted time. And what better way to start than with a spy show. USA Network´s Covert Affairs map of locations, both filming and storyline.

What is in this Covert Affairs Map?
The complete list of Covert Affairs Missions both by Annie and Auggie, as well as some Jai, Joan and Arthur.
Some of the locations where filming occurred. In some cases in this map there´s only a country marked, or a city, because that´s all the info we got from watching the episodes, in other cases, we go so deep we get the exact address.

The map is embedded here, and you can see the Red markers are Filming Locations featured in Covert Affairs, while green markers are for storyline locations.
Please help me in keeping it updated. Point me out in the comments if I´m missing some place, if there´s a new one to add, or anything.

Here´s the full list of references so you can search the one you are most interested in:

Covert Affairs Map References

1- Studio Location
The Show is being filmed in Toronto

2- CIA Headquarters
The show is based on CIA Headquarters in Langley

3- Camp Peary
The CIA “Farm” where Annie Walker trains.

4- Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Hotel in which they filmed Capitol Grand Hotel based on Washington DC for the Pilot episode and S01E06

5- Washington DC
City mostly used on Covert Affairs.
In The Pilot, there´s the Capitol Grand Hotel. (Ref 4 in red in Toronto for the filming Location)

6- Smithsonian Museum
Place where Annie Walker´s cover Identity works
What´s The Frequency Kennet, Ep S02E15 is here, when a MI6 agent tries to recruit Annie to work for them.

7- Georgetown University
Where Annie studied and visited her professor on Pilot
Where Episode S02E09 occurs

8- Sri Lanka
Where Annie and Ben Mercer went and their story fell apart

9- Allen´s Pub Filming Location
Allen’s Irish Pub location posed for Allen´s Tavern

10- Yale University
The Place where Jai Wilcox (Sendhil Ramammurthy) went to college

11- Belfast
IRA´s HQ, On Episode S01E02, a call is traced there.

12- 866 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto
Kensington Place Retirement Residence, where Helen´s apartment was on S01E02

13- Union Station
Place where DC Station was filmed in for episode S01E02

14- Loretto Abbey Catholic Secondary School
Location for Georgetown University

15- Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Location for Banco Nacional on S01E03

16- CNE Bandshell
Canadian National Exhibition, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Location for Bandshell at East Potomac Park S01E03

17- Caracas, Venezuela
S01E03 – South Bound Suarez
Episode was based on a case here.

18- Cayman Islands
Where the accounts are traced on S01E03

19- Zurich, Switzerland
Place where S01E04 takes place in.

20- Original Motorcycle Gourmet Burgers Etc. & Cathay Pacific
Location for New York City Cafe Ep S01E05
Location for Fruit Market Ep S01E05

21- The Sultan´s Tent
Sadiq’s Restaurant Ep S01E05

22- Khartoum, Sudan
Place where S01E05 occurs

23- New York
Place where S01E05 occurs

24- Ben McNally Books
Bookstore from Ep S01E06 Houses of the Holy

25- Irving Zucker Sculpture Garden at the Art Gallery of Hamilton
Sculpture Park from Communications Breakdown S01E07

26- Harvey Katz & Associates And Blue Martini
Two Different Cafes from S01E07 Communications Breakdown S01E07

27- Go Transit Line
Amtrak Train from Communications Breakdown S01E07

28- Liuna Station
Bramble’s Auction House from What Is and What Should Never Be S01E08

29- Dave & Buster’s
Arcade from Fool in the Rain S01E09

30- Queen Victoria Park
Observation Deck from Fool in the Rain S01E09

31- Toronto
Episode S01E09 Fool in The Rain occurs here

32- Niagara Falls
Danielle and Annie get away location. EpS01E09

33- Hilton Head
Place where Michael scheduled a golf trip on his anniversary with Danielle. EpS01E09

34- Maputo, Mozambique
Lead that Auggie tells Liza in S01E09

35- Tappo Restaurant and Wine Bar
Distillery from I Can’t Quit You, Baby S01E10

36- Royal Ontario Museum
British Museum and Smithsonian Institute from I Can’t Quit You, Baby S01E10

37- London
Episode S01E10 Occurs here

38- Albert Memorial at Hyde Park
Hyde Park is both a Location and the storyline place for S01E10

39. JFK Airport
S01E10 occurs here

40- Colombo, Sri Lanka
First season finale When the Levee Breaks occurs here. Colombo, Sri Lanka was also a filming Location site.

41- Hong Kong
First season finale features this place

42- Guam
Season two premiere features this place

43- Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Season two premiere features this place

44- Paris
S02E02 features this place

45- Entre Ríos, Argentina
S02E04 features this place

46- Islas Malvinas / Falkland Islands
S02E04 features this place

47- Buenos Aires, Argentina
S02E04 features this place

48- NASA
S02E05 features this place

49- Colombia
S02E05 features this place

50- Poland / Belarus Border
S02E06 features this place

51- Berlin, Germany
S02E06 features this place
S02E12 starts in this city – The episode is called Uberlin

52- Ukraine / Belarus Border
S02E06 features this place

53- Istanbul, Turkey
S02E07 features this place

54- Baghdad, Iraq
S02E07 features this place

55- Baltimore
S02E07 features this place

56- Mexico City
GG & E Headquarters
Episode S02E08 features this place

57- Seneca Rocks
Where Annie and Scott go rock climbing in S02E08

58- Phoenix
The city where Joan transfers Jai Wilcox in episode S02E10

59- Johns Hopkins University
Episode S02E10
Where Auggie visits his friend

60- Venice
Episode S02E11 Starts here.
Annie gets chased and hops into a gondola

61- Eritrea
Peace Corps Post, where Parker will be stationed for two years. Episode S02E13

62- FBI Headquarters
Featured in several episodes, including S02E13

63-Red Square, Moscow
Two men meet in the snow. The one accuses the other of lying to them for years and working with the CIA, and pulls a gun on him at the start of Sp S02E14

64- Petersburg
Ep S02E14 features this city

65- Bolivia
Where Jai Wilcox sends a tema in an opp during Ep S02E15, What´s The Frequency Kenneth

66- Stockholm
Where Annie travels in Season two finale Letter Never Sent

What do you think about this map for Covert Affairs Locations? Let me know in the comments section, and ask away for other shows you want me to work on.

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