drop-dead-diva-spoiler-jane-tell-owen-debWe all saw Jane struggle in the end of last night´s episode before failing to tell Owen she is Deb, and instead telling him a not so big a secret, that she loves him. But, is Jane going to tell Owen the truth?

After all, what Luke told Jane is also true after this dialog between the two of them:

Jane: I´m marrying Owen and he deserves to know the truth, that I´m Deb.

Luke: Every man wants to hear that the woman he´s about to marry has the soul of a 24 years old model inside of her.

Jane: But I actually have the soul of a 24 years old model

Luke: Yes, and say it like that. It sounds completely sane and not crazy a bit.
Jane, Owen fell in love with you. If you are Deb or Jane doesn´t matter to him.

In the end, when Owen and Jane toast they do it to “no more secrets” and Jane looks away. Is she pondering telling him? So, what do you think? Is Jane telling Owen she is Deb or not? Let me know your thoughts. Also, you can follow me on Twitter for more Drop Dead Diva spoilers and scoop.