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Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother, Quotes
lee LUV it, best show on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now even has the stunning Jennifer Morrison in it, only gets better.
Guillermo Paz onto How I Met Your Mother
Mission Impossible 4 Casting News: Josh Holloway joins cast [...] alums are getting work lately, we already informed about Jorge Garcia joining How I Met Your Mother, and now Josh Holloway joins Mission Impossible in what will be  a great addition both for the [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Actors
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Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Drama, Lost
Guillermo Paz onto Actors
How can I contact the actors of Lost? | Series & TV [...] As Jorge Garcia, Hugo Hurley Reyes from Lost said it… If you send him a letter he´ll answer. [...]
Need to send a postcard? Why not a Lost Travel Postcard directly from the Island? | Series & TV [...] things great with TV Hit show Lost. They are having a great story, beautiful and talented cast, loveable characters, and a lot of features to keep enjoying even when the show is not [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Lost
Famous with blog: Michael Urie - Marc St James from Ugly Betty | Series & TV [...] Urie is now blogging… he´s a lot newer in this arena than Jorge Garcia, the actor who plays Hurley in Lost, who´s been dispatching from the island for three years [...]
When the fans lie to be "more fans" | Series & TV [...] García, Hugo Reyes “Hurley” in ABC´s TV hitshow Lost, in his own blog sends a message to his fans. “You don´t need to lie to show you are a true [...]