We all first knew him thanks to Ugly Betty, although he had played some minor roles prior to the hit TV Sitcom.

He was already Nominated for TV Actor in Comedy to the Teen Choice Awards, and will eventually win it.

He´s another great character, and a comic relief in his show.

  • He plays Marc St. James in Ugly Betty.
  • He graduated Juilliard in 2003.
  • He is a huge fan of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and Neil Diamond.
  • He was mauled by a pit-bull named Jenny and needed 17 stitches to his face.

Michael Urie is now blogging… he´s a lot newer in this arena than Jorge Garcia, the actor who plays Hurley in Lost, who´s been dispatching from the island for three years now.

Check out Michael Urie´s blog

I learned it thanks to Just Jared. Probably one of the best entertainment blogs in the world, and a must read if you are a fan of celebrities. If you are, suscription there is a must.