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Tweets that mention Ugly Betty is Back on TV with the Ugly Betty Photo Challenge -- Topsy.com [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michael Urie, dowahdooo. dowahdooo said: RT @michaelurie: “@seriesandtv: We can see @michaelurie on Ugly Betty again! Weekends just got Bettyer! http://bit.ly/eWQXaO” [...]
Lulu I would say I'm a hardcore Ugly Betty fan! I own all the seasons on DVD and watch them over and over! I miss seeing Betty and Marc on actual tv the most! Betty is straight up my favorite character! She's my role model! One of my favorite episodes is from Season 1. It's episode 17, Icing on the Cake...when Betty asks her orthodontist to be her date at Charlie's party! And I'm so glad that Ugly Betty will be on tv again! Hopefully it will bring more fans! =)
Guillermo Paz onto Ugly Betty
M.Fletcher We need to save Ugly Betty. We cannot cancel something when we are a developing storyline, as well as shouldn't we the viewers see Betty's full potential. I mean, all her past guys make a comeback but ultimately we know she deserves to be with Daniel and he with her. Why deprieve us of that after you guys have decided to rid us of our Thursday/Friday night special. Have you ABC reps ever considered maybe why it did so badly in the 3rd season is because u placed it in the wrong slot. I personally think it would have been better in a Tuesday night spot or left it at Thursdays where it started. Myself along with my friends and neighbours(totaling approx.386 people)tuned in to watch and you exist now no more. We bid you farewell. Bon Voyage, UGLY BETTY. M>K>F.
The complete list of cancelled series for 2009-2010 season [...] Ugly Betty gets cancelled by ABC due to low ratings (Confirmed) [...]
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Francesca Spatafora I was interested in being an extra, stand-in, or general background actor for ugly betty. My cell phone number is 646-872-2467. Thank you! Francesca
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Guillermo Paz onto Ugly Betty
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R Michael cuccione died in 2001 from a long battle with cancer...he was 16 years old.
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How can I watch the Golden Globe Awards tonight? | Series & TV [...] already reviewd both comedy and drama [...]
January 7th filled of birthdays such as David Caruso, Nicolas Cage and Katie Couric | Series & TV [...] Morrow, Benjy Fleming in Sitcom Monk is turning 18 years [...]