ugly-betty-abc-syndication-comebackUgly Betty is back!
Ok, it´s not coming back with new episodes if that´s what you are looking for, but Ugly Betty is coming back to make weekends “fabulosos”!

ABC is trying to help long-time fans and new viewers find Ugly Betty” on their local TV stations.

One way to do this is by playing the Ugly Betty Photo Challenge

You can follow once again the lives of Betty Suarez, the assistant to Daniel Meade at Mode Magazine, Amanda Tanen, Marc St James, Justin, Ignacio and Hilda Suarez and Christina McKinney.

As Betty herself said: “You can take my bunny but you can’t take my spirit!”

As folks at DADT – Disney-ABC Domestic Television say it: Weekends just got bettyer!

Play the Ugly Betty Photo Challenge

What do you think about Ugly Betty coming back on weekends to DADT – Disney-ABC Domestic Television? Will you watch it again? Will you watch it for the first time? Are you a hardcore Betty fan that will watch it even though you have all the DVD sets at home? Who is the character you most miss? What is the episode you just can´t wait to see again? Let me know all those things in the comments section.

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