Have you seen My Name is Earl Season 4 Episode 14 – Got the Babysitter pregnant?

If you didn´t, get out of this post and sit in front of your TV and watch it. It was great.

So much great My Name is Earl Quotes in this episode.

And a great character discovery: Ronnie, played by Adam Rose.

We started a couple days ago a series of post filed under Series Wisdom with some Gregory House Quotes.

Well, now it´s time to check this one from Joy Turner:

Don´t judge me. You don´t know what kind of lies and deceptions one has to perpetrate to keep a marriage afloat. What am I supposed to do? Tell the truth and break his heart?

And a couple of Ronnie Quotes:

You are lucky I dropped out of karate

Some called me sir and not followed by you have to leave“.

Great great show My Name is Earl. What do you think?