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Guillermo Paz onto Documentary
Casonia sade Logenberry I like her because she is Sexy and strange and Weird and she can sing and She is A god parent for Elton John Son and that is cool and she is great friend of True Blue Cindy Lawford Girls just want to have fun and yes she dresses Crazy and strange and a real wack job but she brings her special blend and style to the table and of course she looks weird with the blond and black hair but that lady can sing and she has a great body.
Guillermo Paz onto Documentary
Casonia sade logenberry of seattle is saying have a great brand new day and good health and good joy and bright future and happy thankgiving to the world all the away around This woman is so Beautiful and amazing and wonderful and made for the world and has massive goods to offer to this world and love her music and dancing and her craft and art and what she brings to the table is truely a wonder and love it?
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