lady-gaga-born-this-way-amazon-one-dollarTalk about a great deal! Talk about a great offer.

Lady Gaga was just on Saturday Night Live yesterday, remember? Folks at HBO are showing a documentary about her these days too.

But this is a great offer on Amazon I just found out about.

The whole album from Lady Gaga, Born This Way sold at one dollar.

I know piracy is always a problem for any album, and probably high prices have a lot to do withit, but if you can buy Lady Gaga´s Born This Way for one dollar, why would you download it illegally?

Well, good thinking by Forbes´ number one most powerful person in entertainment.

If you want to buy Lady Gaga´s Born This Way for one dollar visit this Amazon link

What do you think about this offer to buy Lady Gaga Born This Way for one dollar I found for you? Will you buy it? Would you buy originals if they were low priced?

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