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Casonia Sade Logenberry...Love One life to Live and really enjoy the show alot.! The man is a looker and easy on the eye and that is the only reason! I give it more then a minute and wish this show well and good luck!
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The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] Mad Men renewed for fifth season by AMC [...]
Salem To be honest, during season 1 and 2 I despised Mad Men for winning awards and awards over House (favorite show of mine), but after watching the whole series I have to admit I Love the 60s! It would be a shame if MadMen is not coming back for a fifth season, especially with the story still incomplete. Actually, quoting Anderson Cooper, that this is nonsense and should definately be confirmed by the end of January. I'll try to ignore this news and hopefully hear soon that its still on. I'm keeping in mind that its coming back. Hope to hear more revelations in the story soon.
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mad men for 2009 new year | Happy 2009 [...] 2009 Golden Globes. Mad Men Season 1 on DVD.Breaking News USA - http://www.oliverwillis.com/news/|||Mad Men wins the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series - DramaMad Men (AMC) Lionsgate True Blood (HBO) Your Face Goes Here Productions in association with HBO [...]
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