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Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Aly So I have been watching this show since I was little. Obviously I'm a teenager. I decided that I would watch every single show from the beginning. I have seen every episode more than twice. I've become attached. I can't believe that they would just kill the show like that. Medium is a great show. They have a lot of crappy shows on television this year and probably next. They need to make "Me Without You" a dream within a dream. Inception. And start a new season. They really broke my heart. <\3
Casonia sade logenberry I never got into the show that much any way and lost the reason for watching after 2 or 3 times but good idea is just that the story line is too confusing and it seems weak to a large degree and kind of boring and lacked something in the story line...GoodBye and good luck with your future but for a story line to work the men have to be smoking hot and yummy for the taking and...Normal boring men was not doing it for me!
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Antonia Johnson I think you should bring medium bake and ghost whisperer. you take the good shows and you replace them with reality shows. i' so tired of nothing being on tv but reality shows. i related to medium and ghost whisperer. it helped me understand myself. bring them back. the money you pay for those stupid reality shows can pay for shows that people really like and enjoy.
Casonia sade logenberry wish every one a beautiful and wonderful day and take care...Because this winter is going to be really cold and freezing and so stalk up and stay warm at home this winter wonderful familys of the world Some times it is hard trying to throw yourself into a show and wonder what direction the story line is taking and wonder if your going to follow throw in looking at the master piece that is being put together...But anything is worth a second look?
Guillermo Paz onto Sci Fi
Angie I love Medium and have watched all 130 episodes. I was shocked to see the show has been cancelled. I doubt it's switching Networks, they had her and her husband die. How can they possibly keep it going with that type of ending. THis was a show I looked forward to watching. This sucks!
ari I've been watching Medium since it started. Now a days if I miss it on TV I watch it online. It's such a great show!