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Guillermo Paz onto Drama
tara Yeahh I just finished watching the whole show on DVD, how are they going to leave the ending like that, at least make one more year of it, so we atleast have an ending!!!! Wtf
Kamila This is unbelievable! this was such a great show. i just finished watching it on hulu and was disappionted when i saw the last aired date was in '10. it had a rocky start but toward the end it was as good as Greys Anatomy(which is absolutley my favorite show)! I hope somewhere down the line it comes bck on.... :(
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Shantel I am so very excited that the show is coming back on. This is one of the best shows every .People who love Mercy that just comes to show that you have to watch it faithfully and get others hooked so that the ratings will continue to rocket . I cant wait to watch my Mercy !
Louise B Like alot of these comments, love Mercy! It has great characters, and I love the story lines. what a disapointment! Come on NBC bring it back!