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Guillermo Paz onto Drama, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
louise jones It is not easy to sit me down at the TV and keep me enthused with a show. I can't believe that Miami Medical has been cancelled. I am a viewer with medical history background. I had to hear a doctor say, in my real life everyday "That's not the way it really happens, or that's not true", very often. The show, "Miami Medical", made me record every show to make sure I saw it. I am incline to believe that TV has gone to the dogs. When I was growing up, you couldn't even use profanity on TV, now, that's all you here. I guess shows about gangs and illegal matters are all that interest the public eye now; but real things that have to do with saving lives are not important anymore. I AM SORRY MIAMI MEDICAL AND ALL OTHER SHOWS CANCELLED, (WITH THE HELP OF PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION) THAT YOU CANNOT STAY AROUND TO SHOW WHAT ACTUALLY GOES ON IN THE REAL WORLD 24/7.
paige i love one tree hill!! ive seen every episode!!! please bring back lucas and payton!
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
merhidian Yaaaay I <3 one tree hill
Steph Thrilled that it is back again. The show is getting better and better!
Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Drama
brian austin green 90120 | Blog [...] Brian Austin Green to star in One Tree Hill next season Jun 1, 2009 … Do you like the addition of Brian Austin Green to the cast of One Tree Hill? Digg! No related posts. … [...]