one tree hill life unexpected crossover spoilerWhen shows struggle a bit, but still have air to breathe, they try these kind of measures… and this one is a fit made in heaven. One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected will air a crossover episode on October.

One Tree Hill has somewhere around 3 million viewers and The CW is probably hoping some of them will also endear Life Unexpected.

On October 12th, viewers will have the chance to see a Life Unexpected – One Tree Hill crossover episode about a trip to Portland by singers Haley and Mia to perform in an event hosted by Cate and Ryan´s radio station. It works, right?

More spoilers about One Tree Hill Life Unexpected Crossover episode would be to tell you that Haley and Cate will find themselves closer in their background stories as mothers.

What do you think? Are you excited that One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected will do a crossover epidose this season?

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