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Guillermo Paz onto Castle, Spoilers
Castellum Am I going to watch tonight's Castle? Been waiting for this since end of season 2. Show is the most fun I've had watching TV in years. Entire cast is marvelous. Keep up the hard work everything, it is certainly paying off. Thank you!!!!!!
Guillermo Paz onto Castle, Spoilers
Dominic Chan Kate Beckett cannot die! She is the main character in the series. Castle's character is theorized criminal acts and behavior for Beckett to solve them. So Beckett is the other half of the puzzle. Even though Castle clarified his love intentions for Beckett at the end of the third season, its not going to blossom. Because if both of them falls head-on, then the Castle and Beckett police relationship will fizzle. They will still stay platonic and continue investigating. What I wish for the upcoming season is that Beckett solves her mom's case and conclude this long over-bearing episode. Once that is concluded then the writers can start looking at other angles - perhaps more sinister and suspending. Look Castle is a writer and writers do not just look at normal street crimes...they always want to look at something perhaps more covert and has a touch of conspiracy twist to it.
Chris She shouldn't die, but she should give up on the death of the mom thing. When plots drag out like this, interest lags. It is a much better show when she and Castle are playing off each other tracking a single episode murder.
Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
Chris Russell I cannot find a clue about whether or not Castle will be continued. Will it still be airing, or has it simply disappeared? I hope this is not the case, as I find it one of the more intelligent and interesting things available.
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