Is Kate Beckett dead on Castle

Update: I just did this article about if Kate Beckett is dead or alive after season 3 finale. You can visit it there, since this Is Kate Beckett dead or alive article is from a season ago when Beckett´s apartment exploded.

Anyone who saw tonight´s episode of Castle is wondering exactly that… What is happening to Kate Beckett / Nikki Heat?

Is Kate Beckett dead?

What happened after the explosion? And you cannot wait until next episode of Castle to find out about Kate Beckett´s death or survival?

Well… I have good news for all of you…

Kate Beckett is alive. Kate Beckett didn´t die, and she will be a little bit on the fence on the next episode, and it will trigger some interesting moments between Castle and Beckett, as to move forward the relationship, although not going the whole nine yards.

What did you think of Castle´s episode? Should Kate Beckett die on the story?

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