Scrubs cancelled by ABC

UPDATE: On May 13th ABC oficially cancelled Scrubs.

We are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of the season.

And this show is no big news to have it cancelled, since it was almost a full 13 episode swan song season.

Scrubs is getting cancelled by ABC.

No more JD Dorian, no more Turk, no more anything…

Donald Faison is already on his own new pilot TV Show, Sarah Chalke is on her own TV Pilot, and The Scrubs Writers, at their Twitter Account announced it. Scrubs is cancelled. Although final oficial confirmation is yet to come, there will be no Season 10 of one of the most beloved shows of the decade.

Let´s all salute a great show that is leaving us behind.

Are you sad Scrubs is getting cancelled? Or you think Scrubs already ended after Season 8?

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