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Guillermo Paz onto Private Practice
Angie Please keep Private Practice on. It seems every time I find a show I love some one removes it from the TV schedule.
julie mchale I love the characters, especially Cooper, the pediatrician and that totally hot black guy. The psychiatrist is an interesting nerd, also. Good to see Benjamin Bratt again, too. I was a real fan of NYPD for years
Guillermo Paz onto Grey´s Anatomy
Connie So many great shows keep me watching (esp. Greys, and Private Pratice, but I wish the series' weren't interrupted so much with reruns being thrown in the middle of the season. Every time it happens, I am frustrated. I know the actors deserve a break, but there's no pattern to the reruns vs. new episodes. Difficult to follow - I think it is causes people to quit watching, thus lowering ratings. Not really fair to the actors or the viewers.
Casonia sade logenberry We have so many crazy people moving to seattle because of this show and crazy pushy aggressive drivers on the road and yes it was great to see the show on at first but the problems is that the rent and every bill has doubled since this show and it is getting harder and harder to live and take care of one self because of the increase of people moving here but it is a nightmare living know adays and to see everything go up and up and up and it is making it harder on people like myself who have been here my whole life...Know it feels like we are living in New York crazy freaky price of life and only the poor people have to suffer.
Guillermo Paz onto Private Practice, Spoilers
Kay Probably Maya, leave open more room for drama b/ t Sam and Naomi with a new motherless a new baby, fights w the baby daddy, plus now Sam will have a baby for Addison to play mama to and Violet can have hers back. Besides what is left to do with Maya, 15 married now going to have a baby. She's the most expendable and will provide many ongoing story lines ... Just my guess !
Pulpo She was a part of the first cast. Not in the practice, but from the beginning. The same applies to Naomi and Sam´s daughter... What may not apply is to Naomi, since the character was from the begining, but, in the first crossover, Naomi was played by a different actress... Still, my guess are Dell or Violet. With my wildcard in the PS
Guillermo Paz onto Grey´s Anatomy, Spoilers
sdk is she leaving the show???
ursula harris yea i agree with u im sad 2
Guillermo Paz onto Grey´s Anatomy
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Cancelled Shows 2009: Grey´s Anatomy renewed for a new season! [...] Anatomy for a sixth season. So, everything´s good for Grey´s Anatomy! specially after all the Denny Duqette fiasco, and Izzie Stevens dying or Izzie Stevens surviving [...]
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Grey´s Anatomy Mega Spoiler: Izzie Stevens may be surviving cancer and live on to next season [...] already said that Izzie Stevens was dying, and as the plot thickened, and as a way to get Derek Shepherd back to great surgeon form, he [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Grey´s Anatomy
Guillermo Paz onto Grey´s Anatomy
Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Actresses
Big Time Party at Grey´s Anatomy today | Series & TV [...] It doesn´t matter… It´s party time at Grey´s Anatomy since today both Patyrick Dempsey and Shonda Rhimes are celebrating their birthdays. [...]