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Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
karma For ONE how cruel to be bashing a person for the way they look. thoses comments sound more jealous than anything else.If these women decide that this is ok for them the share THIER life with another then that is thier business. they are not held at gun point to do this. i think they are VERY strong women and are very committed to having a good life. whom are we to say it is wrong. NO one and as far as the cooment on "where does it say in the binle that this will get you closer to GOD" it doesnt but it also DOESNT say it wont.. People dont make stupid staements if your going to make them. No i dont agree with it but am interested in the show and the different ways of life. This is America. we are all different and no one should cast a stone as no one is Perfect!!!!!!!!
Steve To Kody Brown from the words of Bon Jovi: YOU give love a BAD name!!!!!!