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Guillermo Paz onto Action
M Collins As long as I get to watch Jax (Charlie H.) they can keep it on thru eternity!!! I am so attracted to this man I believe I would still love him even if he killed puppies and kittens, and that is just sad! Luckily this is all fantasy. So glad, 3 years, YEAH!
Complete List of Renewed Shows on 2012 [...] FX renews Sons of Anarchy for season six. [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] Sons of Anarchy gets renewed for season five by FX. [...]
Casonia sade logenberry says stock your home up well and keep everything in your house fully stocked and remember to alway have massive things you need in your house and so you will not want for nothing! I think we are in for a hard winter.. I Had it for a moment as well and though the show was really good in away of being aggressive and rude and self centered and the men really look sexy on there bikes with those tight jeans and...No shirt and vest and that long hair really gathered my attention and yes...I was lucky with that H.D. T.V. I Was cleaning up and getting almost everything and then one day that freaking station was gone with the wind and...That really made me mad and they want you to pay for it..Which really sucks and really blows but when you get something for free and they take it away from you? It is a pain in the butt and really rude and very sneaky!
Guillermo Paz onto Awards
Emma YAY! Finally Katey Sagal gets some recognition! Very very very well deserved! :D
Guillermo Paz onto Action
Cat Sons of Anarchy is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fiance John and I couldn't be happier to hear it's still on despite some rumors of cancellation that have been going around. SOA is by far one of the most addictive shows we've watched and may just be exceeding sopranos. I've never in my life watched a show that has made me cry sobbing hysterics like it was something bad happening to one of my loved ones. the most emotional compelling show we think we've ever seen
imachildagain Missed last season's last 2 episodes, I believe we saw the 2/19/10 episode (trying to remember) then our DVR somehow deleted the programming of the last 2 episodes. Any idea how to find out for sure and how to get them?