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Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
michael Very happy to see Southland has been renewed. Not many dramas today capture the realism that this show does. My wife and I look forward to watching every week. The storylines are riveting and the acting is superior to most of what we watch. Will be looking forward to the new season.
Guillermo Paz onto Action
Joe Schmoe Ecstatic! The show is gritty, colorful, & harsh - all at once. Can't wait.
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] TNT renews Southland for season four [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
Karin Castillo LOVE SOUTHLAND!
Cancelled and Renewed Shows 2011: TNT renews Southland for season four [...] are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of 2011. We already told you about Southland renewal last season. And we anticipated Southland was getting a fourth season renewal from TNT. Well, today it´s [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Drama
Cancelled Shows 2010: Southland gets renewed by TNT for a third season! [...] How many lives does an almost cancelled show gets? [...]