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Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Gail I am soooo glad the Game is being nenewed. I expected to see it in January but i heard that it will not be back until March. I've also heard of many changes. Can not wait.
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Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Dede I really loved The 4400 . They were so close in crtieang utopia , and I at least wanted to see how the world would end up, if it would work out or destroy us, if they could tweak the promicin shot to work on everyone etc. Endless possibillities, and ruined by a cliffhanger ending. Okay, the intro-song was horrible, but the show was great and stimulated my imagination. Almost every show I follow, winds up cancelled. Started with Kyle XY, The 4400, FlashForward, Dollhouse, V, The Event, and several others.Now, I'm just waiting for Warehouse 13 to get cancelled.At least supernatural has signed up for 2 new seasons.Who gives a sh*t about the bachelor season 45, and The Bacholorette season 12? It seems like quality television has died, and is getting as*raped by necrofiliac tv-networks.
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