burger-land-travel-channelIf only one could move to live in Burger Land, that´s a new kind of Wonderland, right? Well, now Travel Channel is presenting the next best thing, the show Burger Land, Premiering Monday, April 15 at 10:00PM, the show then moves to 9:00PM beginning April 29. In each half-hour of this docu-style series, host George Motz will meet America’s best hamburger creators, tour their establishments and find out what goes into making their burger one of the best in the land. In each episode, three of these burger classics Motz has encountered before, but the fourth hamburger is a new burger experience for Motz – a burger he’s never tried before but that comes highly recommended by one of his local burger experts. Motz’s rules for greatness are tough – fresh ground beef is a must, and most of the burger joints he visits have been around for decades. But his travels will also take him to some new-school burger spots that are upholding classic burger traditions while putting their own spin on things. Join Motz as he crisscrosses the country in his quest to keep the all-American hamburger alive and well.

The first episode is called Hollywood Hamburgers – Los Angeles, CA. Monday April 15 10PM on Travel Channel, where George Motz visits classic Los Angeles burger joints that guard the tradition of burgers and their ties to car culture in an ever-changing cityscape. He enjoys meals at the Apple Pan and Pie ‘N Burger, two nostalgic favorites known for their burgers as well as their pie. He visits Marty’s, one of the few remaining walk-up burger stands in LA, for a Combo, which stacks two American favorites, the burger and the hot dog, right on top of each other. Then, with the help of local burger lover Brad Morris, Motz discovers Charlie’s, an old farm-to-table favorite hidden within the Original LA Farmer’s Market, and talks burgers with actor/comedian Jeff Garlin. Finally, Motz stops by Irv’s, one of his all-time favorite hamburger stands, which is at risk of being forced to close its doors forever if not for support from the mayor of West Hollywood.

The second episode, on Monday April 22 at 10PM is called Miami´s Cuban Frita – Miami, FL, when George Motz travels to Miami to sample four burgers with various Latin influences. He visits family-owned competitors, El Rey de las Fritas and El Mago de las Fritas, for classic Cuban fritas, which are covered in thinly cut and fried potatoes. Then he goes to the Latin Burger food truck, which is reminiscent of Cuban street vendors and serves up a Latin Macho, consisting of two ground beef and chorizo patties. For a new burger experience, Motz heads to the brand new Pincho Factory for a Nicaraguan-inspired burger framed between two fried plantains instead of a bun. Motz’s friend, Sef Gonzalez, nicknamed the ‘Burger Beast’ joins him on his journey for some burgers and a little Spanish translation.

The third episode, on April 29 when the show moves to 9PM is called New Orleans Po´Boy Burgers, in which George Motz visits New Orleans’ most popular burger spots. From the signature Po’ Boy with a twist, to a sizzling burger covered in mushrooms, Motz travels the New Orleans bayou in search of some of the best burgers in America.

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