steve-watson-travel-channel-red-white-newApril is new show territory for Travel Channel, as first it premieres Burger Land on April 15, and later in the month premieres another show called Red, White & New.

Premiering Monday, April 29 at 10:00PM & 10:30PM with Special Back-to-Back Premiere episodes. “Red, White & New” celebrates American ingenuity, innovation and the people who push the envelope to create new and exciting ways of doing things. These innovations include a compressed air-powered, high jumping, flipping take on the classic Pogo Stick, a wearable robotic exoskeleton straight out of Aliens that gives you super-human strength, and the Seabreacher – a personal watercraft that looks like a shark, and is able to go underwater as well as jump out of it! Each episode features fascinating characters, fun gadgets and activities as well as a first hand, high-energy experience for host Steve Watson.

Knowing US culture, you can bet there´s a lot of episodes that can be produced with this premise, so here´s to hoping for a first of many seasons of Red, White & New.

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