toy-hunter-season-two-travel-channelToy Hunter is coming back for a second season this April 10 at 9PM and 9:30PM on Travel Channel as it will be airing back to back episodes to kick start the season.

In the second season of “Toy Hunter,” acclaimed toy dealer and expert Jordan Hembrough continues to travel across America buying and selling great iconic toys.  As Hembrough’s reputation grows, his client list grows to include such celebrities as Gene Simmons of KISS and Danny Bonaduce from the “Partridge Family” – both to be featured this season.  In addition to being challenged with more demanding clients and missions, Hembrough provides more pop culture history to better illuminate the toys’ timelessness and value.  The scope of this toy hunter’s travels expands beyond basements and attics to include toy auctions, flea markets, and storage units.

In the back to back premiere night, we´ll start with “KISS and Tell” Jordan Hembrough is approached by his biggest client to date – KISS’ bass player, Gene Simmons. He’s tasked Hembrough with finding the rarest of rare KISS memorabilia to add to his collection…which he’s been working on for 40 years! Hembrough must search high and low to find items that Gene doesn’t already own. And he must be willing to pay thousands to get them.

And at 9:30PM “Toy Lovers” where Jordan Hembrough and his teammate Steve travel to Virginia in search of some expensive toys to add to their inventories. After a costly bet is made between the two toy addicts, the hunt begins from storage units to staircases. A $300 Foghorn Leghorn Bobblehead and rare Blythe doll put one collector in the lead…until a $900 play-set is found.

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