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Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Hermes Lets not forget that Miami is all about the CASH and the BLING! It is the responsibility of their husbands to keep the ladies current with NEW CARS, NEW HERMES BAGS, UPDATED HOMES, OVER THE TOP VACATIONS and many more. If these ladies are caught with a HERMES bag over one year old it is all over. Lets not forget about the CRAZY ASIANS IN CHINA WITH ALL THAT CASH!
Amanda Harbor Ashe These ladies are not greedy and HOW DARE YOU! I met Lea Black for the first time when I was doing stream cleanup in Florida. Me and my daughter Sarah volunteer cleaning streams in Florida. We remove the trash and go forward. I told Lea make sure the area is free from Snakes and any Alligator. My daughter Sarah said Lea Black has a son and he is super Hot! My daughter helped Lea Black cleanup some trash and she asked if she was Jealous of Lisa Hochstein. Lea said why would you say that? Well. my daughter said the rumor going around at school is that Lea Black is obsessed with Lisa Hochstein. I told my daughter to stop with the school talk and help Lea pick up the trash.