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Guillermo Paz onto Daily Shows
Guillermo Paz onto Talk Shows
Complete List of Renewed Shows on 2012 [...] CBS renewed The Talk for season three. [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Daily Shows
Betty Polt The talk was a must for me with Leah and Holly, Please cancel. How stupid is CBS, to fix something that isn't broke?
Susan I will no longer be watching the show without Leah Remini. She was constantly treated like crap on the show every time she tried to speak she would be cut off or Julie would make some smart a$$ comment about what she had said she was always putting her down like she was better. I think Sharon should just leave because she is the only one left with any class & she can do much better that this show. I always loved Sara Gilbert but unlike Leah she lets Julie cut her off & tell her what to do, I always though she was much tougher that this. So I will no longer be watching The Talk.