storage-wars-reasons-to-watchSince this show is in its third season, probably most of you already know about it, and many will be already watching, but, anyways. for all of those who still aren´t. Here are ten reasons to watch Storage Wars on A&E, the auctions show that puts up several bidders against each other to see who gets to have the biggest find of the episode, among storage rooms that have been put to auction due to failure of payment.

Ten reasons to watch Storage Wars

1- The silliness of Jarrod Schulz jokes

2- The inimitable rythm of Dan Dotson doing the auctions. I´ve watched the show dubbed to Spanish and it´s nowhere near him. Same with all the other auction shows around.

3- Barry´s character is fresh and funny, and seems to be naturally so.

4- The Brandi / Jarrod dynamics: He´s so whipped it´s hilarious. All the faces. Probably it´s a facade she´s playing, but it makes for fun TV.

5- The catchphrases: You have the “Yuuup”, you have the “gotta guess whatnot”, the “Don´t Forget to pay the lady”.

6- The whole initial rules speech and the comments. I feel like I could go to an auction and actually know what to do, just from watching the show.

7- The educational part of the show: When they go see the experts and explain about the finds, and how to understand the value of it.

8- The shenanigans and fights: The villain Hester, his feud with Darrell Sheets and Jarrod and Brandi, and all that stuff is entertaining, although I truly imagine all of them after the filming getting drinks together.

9- The guest characters: If they were to show up on every episode we´d get too much of the, but with the right amount of Mark Balelo and Nabila Haniss, the show gets some extra punch.

10- You are seeing the real deal: Same as Pawn Stars or American Pickers in History, Storage Wars created a movement that led to a bunch of auctioning shows. Here, you´d be watching the real deal.

What do you think? Are these ten reasons to watch Storage Wars, the same as you´d think? Let me know in the comments section. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter for more Storage Wars scoop.

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