ten-reasons-watch-client-list-jennifer-love-hewittJennifer Love Hewitt is coming back to lead a TV show and that should be enough good news as to watch it, but I´m going an extra mile and list some more reasons to watch The Client List when it premieres on Lifetime April 8 10/9C.
The show tells the story of Riley Parks, a single mother, living in a small Texas town and leading a shocking double life. Her secret would send shockwaves through the community and possibly land her in jail if it was ever exposed. Riley’s taken a job at a seemingly traditional day spa, but soon realizes that the spa offers a little more than just massage therapy. It’s not the happy ending she was expecting but it does open her eyes to a world she’s never seen before. The series follows Riley balancing these two worlds – one that revolves around her kids and family – and the other that revolves around the spa and it’s special clientele. These two worlds couldn’t be farther apart, yet she’s totally comfortable in both. Keeping them separate … now that’s the tricky part as she discovers she’s not the only one with secrets. I had the chance to screen the pilot, and here are my…

Ten reasons to watch The Client List on Lifetime

1- The show stars Jennifer Love Hewitt:
That should be reason enough to watch it. So there. It´s with her.

2- The show has Love Hewitt playing a masseuse in “special treatments”:
Now that´s the side of Love Hewitt that will bring viewers eyes to go crazy!

3- The show runs on Lifetime:
If Drop Dead Diva is a proof of something, it´s that Lifetime can do good shows. So, I´m being confident on this one too.

4- The whole balancing act:
Two lives? Well, it can go either Weeds-like or Ringer-like. But I´m betting on the first one.

5- The supporting cast:
Cybill Shephard is on the show as the mother! The only thing I don´t like about that is that it may mean Shawn´s mother won´t drop by on Psych for a while.
Loretta Devine as a madame; she was one of the best things about State of Georgia, and probably the thing we most miss from it. Now we get her here.

6- The charm:
The characters look charming and warm… at least on her family life. Let´s see the rest.

7- Wardrobe… or lack thereof:
I bet you won´t mind seeing a lot of eye candy on the show. For all tastes.

8- Georgia´s explanation of the job:
“We are ninety percent legit”. Well… that´s a good start if we are talking plots, right?

9- The heartbreak:
Her husband leaves her. So that´s another plotline to follow. She has to get through the pain and rebuild her life. So, now she is not tied up in marriage as not to give “extras”.

10- Did I mention Jennifer Love Hewitt?
Well, in case I did I have something else… it´s not all drama, it´s more in the dramedy genre where you´ll find some lighter moments too.

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