terra-nova-spoilers-sixers-spy-malcolm-wallaceOk, it´s time to theorize a bit about Terra Nova, the dinosaurs show from Fox.
The show´s already in its ninth episode and counting, so we can already assume some things.
One of the biggest questions right now is who is the sixers spy in the colony?
In this week´s episode, Lieutenant Alicia Washington cleared the bar´s owner, Boylan as the sixers spy, so we have to keep looking elsewhere.

So who is the Sixers spy on Terra Nova?

Well, my theory is that Dr Malcolm Wallace is the spy in Terra Nova. (Just if you are not sure, Dr Malcolm Wallace is played by Rod Hallett and is the guy who is hitting on Dr Elisabeth Shannon, Jim´s wife)
Why? He has been conveniently in position to block any information to be obtained from the bug with the microchip, thus assuring the spy´s identity remained a secret, and then after a while, after he could operate on the dragonfly, point him to the alleged spy.
He knows everything that´s happening in the colony and he does not particularily like Commander Nathaniel Taylor.
Also, remember from episodes past he was also in a privileged position in regards to what happened and what the sixers spy could do.
So what do you think? Is Dr Malcolm Wallace the Sixers spy on Terra Nova? Let me know in the comments section.
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