The best moments from American Idol Season 8 Episode 6 – Auditions in Salt Lake City

  • Randy Jackson asking where Salt Lake City was.
  • David Osmond, son of Alan Osmond. He was diagnosed MS and says “I can come back to the wheelchair anytime“. The next generation´s Osmond´s in.
  • Tara Mathews, the goth from Utah. She predicts things and reads minds. She should´ve predicted how dreadful her audition would be.
  • Rich Kragel and Simon telling hum “You´ll never ever in a billion years going to win”.
  • Chris Kirkham and his good luck rabbit, Greg the rabbit who also hugged Simon.
  • Everyone was thanking for the no´s.
  • Ryan Seacrest motivational speech.
  • Frankie Jordan, the new Amy Winehouse? (Be careful, girl!)… well, at least Frankie goes to Hollywood.
  • Megan Corchrie rough patch. She´s going through a divorce, she gets there and sings in her birthday and blows everyone´s minds. Simon tells her: “You are one of the few I´m gonna remember“.
  • Andrew Gibson having a soul, but not soul.
  • Austin Sisneros, the senior class president, and a 17 year old kid who needs to get younger. At least he gets to turn younger in Hollywood.
  • Jarret Burns glimpse of greatness.
  • Taylor Vaifanua. She´s 16 but has a voice for the ages.
  • Rose Flack sad story and her hug filled golden ticket.
  • 13 contestants going to Hollywood.

Off to the last two audition stops, and the… the feared Hollyowwod week!

What was your favourite American Idol Season 8 Episode 6 Auditions in Salt Lake City moment?