the-big-bang-theory-thespian-catalyst-tbbt-spoilers-quotes-recapOk, For those very few out there not watching The Big Bang Theory, it´s already time to start! We just whitnessed an episode where To improve his skills as an instructor, Sheldon asks Penny to give him acting lessons.

Best Quotes from The Big Bang Theory – S04E14 – The Thespian Catalyst

Sheldon: Best and brightest my sweet patuties

Leonard: Sheldon changed the password, now it´s “Pennyisafreeloader” no spaces

Sheldon: I didn’t want to teach those poopy-heads anyway!

Howard: FYI, I think that’s what Darth Vader said right before he started building the Death Star.

Bernardette: He´s such a cutie
Raj: Thank you, but cutie is for bunnies; I want to be something with sex appeal, like a labradoodle

Amy: That was the last arrow in my quiver of wimsy

Howard: What are you thinking so hard?
Sheldon: Just that I´m definitely not gay

Sheldon: Hey! You taught me something… who would have thought?

Penny: Let´s take you out of your comfort zone
Sheldon: Why would we want to do that? It´s call the comfort zone for a reason

Sheldon: I´m gonna miss you Shelly-bee, even though you creep the Bejesus out of me

Penny: I think I broke your son

Recap for The Big Bang Theory S04E14 – The Thespian Catalyst

Recap by MurphAndTheMagicTones

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) has to teach a lecture, and he’s not thrilled, even though he thinks the students should be. And the students are letting the world know what the lecture is like, even posting pictures on Flickr. (“How do you get an entire lecture hall to flip you off at the same time?”) Oh, and KMN is text-speak for “kill me now.” Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is dying to tell Sheldon, but Leonard (Johnny Galecki) promised it to Howard (Simon Helberg). (“Picture the Hindenburg meets Chernobyl meets Three Mile Island meets Tron 2.”)

SHELDON: I didn’t want to teach those poopy-heads anyway!

HOWARD: FYI, I think that’s what Darth Vader said right before he started building the Death Star.

Despite Sheldon’s protestations about the “poopy-heads,” he was upset about the lecture. Raj (Kunal Nayyar) compared it to accidentally walking into a gay bar and having no one hit on you. (“It…happened to a friend of mine.”) Howard tells Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) that Raj really needs to get a girlfriend. And Bernadette thinks Raj is cute and should have no problem getting one. Raj didn’t want to for cute; he wanted to be more like a labradoodle. But Bernadette assures him he’s a hottie.

Sheldon videochats with Amy (Mayim Bialik), who suggests he take acting lessons because the teacher needs to take the responsibility to communicate with the students. It’s a performance art, and Sheldon knows only one person schooled in the performance arts: Penny.

PENNY: Just to be clear, you’re asking me for help because I know something that the brilliant Dr. Sheldon Cooper doesn’t?

SHELDON: Are you going to help me or not?

PENNY: Probably. I’m just enjoying the foreplay.

Of course, Sheldon thinks that teaching acting is the signal for the end of the road in one’s career. And Penny is out, until Sheldon offers to pay her $40.

Howard gets an offer to work at the Weisman Institute in Israel but will be gone for two years, and Bernadette can’t leave because of her studies. They ask Raj if he can step up to the plate and help Bernadette satisfy her sexual needs (“most regular, some of them kind of messed up”) while he’s gone. No, this is not reallity. Yes, this is a fantasy of Raj’s.

HOWARD: Whatcha thinking so hard about?

RAJ: Just that I’m definitely not gay.

Sheldon’s lesson begins, and he tries with a desperate three knock-Penny cadence. It worked. Sheldon had studied Stanislav, Stella Adler, Uda Hagen, and Henry Winkler’s Aaaay, I’m an Actor. After that, the lesson goes a bit downhill. Moving around in the space doesn’t work very well, then Sheldon can’t pick up on Penny’s improvisation about being at a shoe store, instead wanting a frozen yogurt. Penny’s idea of pretending to be two winos under a bridge works a little better…for her…with a bottle of wine. (method acting, right?)

While Leonard wonders what all of us do…why the SciFi Channel changed its name to SyFy…Raj has another fantasy about Bernadette. This time, Howard gets hit on his scooter, and Bernadette needs to be sexually satisfied, since Howard isn’t going to make it. To be fair, Raj doesn’t take Bernadette’s word for it; he makes sure he hears it from Howard.

Penny tries a scene with Sheldon, although he doesn’t think Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is going to cut it. He brought a Star Trek fanfic he wrote when he was ten, where a brilliant child genius is whisked away from the dusty plains of East Texas and brought to the 23rd Century by Mr. Spock. Penny goes in kicking and screaming, but she suggests mixing it up. She’ll play Mr. Spock, and Sheldon will play the child’s mother. After taking a long, long time to set the scene, Sheldon gets into the role of his mother. (Nice work on imitating the transporter, Penny. 😀 ) Sheldon isn’t buying, but Penny eggs him on and stays in character as Spock. She thinks Sheldon’s mother would be sad to see him go. Then Sheldon gets in character as his mother. REALLY gets into character. And is crying…and then starts playing the role of Sheldon…and really starts crying. (“You go with the nice man; I’m late for Indian Bingo!”)

PENNY: (on phone) Hi, Mrs. Cooper. It’s Penny. I think I broke your son.

SHELDON: Mommy, I love you! Don’t let Spock take me to the future!

And Raj has one more fantasy about Bernadette. Which, if I am correct, involves Slumdog Millionaire somehow.

RAJ: (back in reality, to himself) Other than the dance number, so not gay.

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