The new Shondaland show came to us last week and two episodes have already aired at the moment of this review. So let´s get our hands dirty and talk about The Catch.
The show stars Peter Krause as a Con Artist (think Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair) and Mireille Enos as the Private Investigator / Fiancé of the Conman (think Renee Russo, same movie).

the catch review abc peter krause mireille enos sonya walger

Full cast of The Catch. Phote Credit: ABC

What worries me is that the storyline at IMDB for the show “Follows a female private investigator whose career specialty is exposing fraud for a living.” doesn´t even start to tell us what this is about, and it could hurt googlers of the show finding it attractive.

First things first: The show also stars Sonya Walger, thus making it lot more reason to be watched. ANd of course, it comes from Shondaland, which is pretty much a seal of quality for broadcast these days, heck, this decade, having had multiple successes and only one flop that I can think of.

Back to the show: In The Catch, Alice Vaughan (Enos) is a partner in a top private investigation firm in Los Angeles. But, as it usually happens with love, blinds her from seeing that she is engaged with a Con Artist (Krause) who cons her out of millions and disappears.
The team at the firm, Anderson / Vaughan, will help her try and catch him. Her partner Valerie Anderson and the team of investigators Danny Yoon and Sophie Novak complete the team. They also partner with an Interpol / FBI agent, Jules Dao who is also trying to get to Benjamin Jones (Krause).
On the other side, the con team is completed with Walger´s character Margot Bishop and Reggie Lennox.

This show is definitely a good cat and mouse adventure, and specially now that we no longer have White Collar on TV, it is good to have another cool con artist on our TV sets each week. I would grade this show as solid, and I think it has potential to keep on growing on the legacy of TGIT for ABC.

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