whose-line-is-it-anyway-cancelled-renewed-cwWhen you are The CW and you are getting good ratings, but not just CW good ratings, but good ratings period. Good ratings as in “beating the other broadcast networks” ratings, you know this decision is about to be announced sooner rather than later. And indeed it happened today at TCA´s, as The CW renewed Whose Line Is It Anyway? for a second season on the network, and tenth season overall. This is proof that a good and fun premise is going to work and that it´s always a good idea to have this group of talented improvisers around. Specially since the show´s production costs are quite low. Put that together with record breaking ratings for The CW and you are in TV Exec paradise.

And that is to show that everybody loves some Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles together.

The second season renewal order for Whose Line Is It Anyway consists of 24 episodes set to air next year in half hour format, but expect to have a show that comes to stay for longer than two seasons if it proves this steady solid success.

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