the-jay-leno-show-premieres-september-14As NBC announces it: Get ready for the biggest stars, the most influential newsmakers, and more laughter than ever before as Jay Leno hosts a new comedy show five nights a week at 10pm. His show will be the first-ever entertainment program to be stripped across primetime on broadcast network television and will showcase many of the features that have made Leno America’s late-night leader for more than a dozen years.

Signature elements will include his opening monologue, new comedy skits, big stunts, and well-known segments like “Headlines” and “Jaywalking.” Jay Leno is transforming television and it’s going to be quite a ride.
Digital Features

– Jay’s Garage
– Original Online Series
– Ask Jay and Under-the-Hood video segments with Jay Leno
– Restoration blog
– Your Garage – a social networking feature where fans can submit photos and videos to show off their own classic cars