THE PLAYER — Pictured: “The Player” Key Art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

Filled with action, bringing Wesley Snipes back, bets galore. A show about the wealthiest people on earth betting on either a criminal or the vigilante who needs to stop the criminal.
Philip Winchester plays Alex Kane, a former intelligence security working in Las Vegas who needs to stop the most terrible crimes to become true, all while under the watchful eye of a group of gamblers.
We already knew from Strike Back that Winchester can really kick ass, here he does it again, even jumping out of a plane without a parachute, catching the bad guy in mid air, and getting his parachute. Maybe not Academy Award worthy, but definitely thrilling.
Then you have Charity Wakefield coming from across the pond to play Cassandra King, the dealer who manipulates all the tech stuff to help Kane.
Damon Gupton, playing Detective Cal Brown, the FBI agent who is a friend´s of Kane, and also suspecting he´s on some deep trouble.
And Wesley Snipes, boy did I like watching his movies back in the nineties! White Men Can´t Jump, New Jack City, Passenger 57… i must have seen all those at least a dozen times. Here, he is the mystery man running the whole gambling business.
So far, two episodes in, a lot of action, tons of shootings and a premise that looks a bit like Person of Interest, but with enough to make it its own.
I am looking forward to this show finding its legs, because it is worth watching it if you are a fan of a thriller action show.
If you liked Burn Notice, or miss the shortlived Human Target, then this one´s for you.
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