Fringe is no Lost… I know… but it´s still quite a good show, right?

So here I bring many many spoilers of Fringe Episode 11 Bound

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Spoilers for Fringe Season 1 Episode 11 – Bound

Walter Bishop (Charles Nizet) doses a caterpillar with LSD. Peter (Joshua Jackson) finds it normal. Astrid (Jasika Nicole) comes in, announcing Olivia (Anna Torv) is missing.

Olivia wakes up strapped to a gurney being wheeled down a spooky darkened hallway where a man wearing a Halloween-style old man mask stands over her. He tells her: “This won’t take long.” “I’m sure you tell that to all the girls,” says the damsel, calm in distress. They flip her over.

Back at FBI HQ Broyles (Lance Reddick) sends out the hounds, telling everyone they’re on Olivia’s case.

Strapped hanging face-down on the gurney, Olivia memorizes the Italian loafers of what soon turns out to be her doctor. He sticks a needle in her spine.

Stepping away from Olivia, Mitchell Loeb (Chance Kelly) takes off his mask and heads back to the office.

Olivia asks the dude who remains, “If you’re going to kill me then could I please have some water?” The guy brings it. She needs to sit up. He undoes her restraints, as she acts weak, parched and helpless. She drinks deeply, then smashes the guy in the head with the glass he brought her. Suddenly, Olivia is Rambo, throwing a surgical implement into the back of the other man in the room and kicking the tar out of both. All while dressed in a surgical gown.

Broyles gets a call from a man named Sanford Harris, saying Internal Affairs is sending him in to do a review of the Fringe Division.

Olivia creeps her way through the lab, examining samples and gross things in jars. She grabs a handful of samples, then some keys and a cell phone. She shoots a man who tries to follow her. She makes it outside and to the car, which she finds using the alarm, because she’s cool like that.

She calls Broyles.

She was in a water tower. She asks him to send her agents. He asks if she’s OK. “Not yet I’m not.”

She pulls over and gets out, digging a hole in some construction dirt and burying a canister with the samples she stole inside. She starts to cry, but doesn’t have time for that.

The back-up teams arrive. They agents get out and she starts to tell where she was being held. They draw their weapons and tell her to freeze. She turns to run but is shot with a tranquilizer.

She wakes up back in a hospital gown, but in a hospital this time. She’s handcuffed to the bed and Harris is in the room. He asks her if his conviction was a point of pride for her. His conviction on sexual assault she so ably prosecuted was overturned. And this is who’s been assigned to review Fringe Division. So he gets to question her sanity, loyalty and worthiness to serve.

Super. At least he’s not biased.

He knows about John Scott (Mark Valley). And, Peter, who she tracked down in Iraq, and Walter, who spent time in a mental hospital on manslaughter charges. Doesn’t sound very good on paper. A traitor, a criminal and a lunatic, he calls them.

She asks if she’s under arrest. He doesn’t answer, instead telling her she’s not to investigate her own abduction. He tosses her keys to cuffs and leaves.

Olivia shows up for work. Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) tells her they went to the place she was being held and it was empty. The only prints on the phone and in the car were hers. She knows Harris is after her because she sent him away on three charges of sexual assault. There’s a woman named Rachel there to see her, her sister. She’s there with her niece, Emma, who gives Olivia a Magic 8 Ball. They’re going to stay with her. They totally understand she has to work.

She calls Peter. He and Walter meet her outside with cases. She tells Walter about the electrodes they put on her head and what they did, and that she took something. She takes them back to the construction site and finds the container. She gives Walter the samples. He plays Mr. Wizard in the back of the SUV. He’s not pleased he knows what it is.

At Boston College, a professor lectures about bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi. He takes a drink and starts to convulse, collapsing on the ground. A TA performs CPR, but he dies right there in class. And then a big disgusting worm, lizard-slime thing crawls out of his mouth and oozes across the floor. Class dismissed!

Broyles calls Olivia and the Bishops into the classroom. Walter says it appears the man suffocated from within. “Well maybe that’s because a giant, slimy, spikey slug thingy came out of his mouth,” Peter offers.

Walter has a theory, but he’s not sharing.

Miles Kimberg was an immunologist. Peter uses some sort of thermal camera and finds the slimy spiky slug thing on the camera, but it’s very fast. Walter traps it with a trashcan. “Things like this used to happen in the lab all the time,” he says. “Makes me nostalgic.”

Back at the lab, Walter plays with his slimy spiky slug, craving a cheese steak. The organism was developed from the material Olivia stole from her captors.

Broyles confronts Harris, telling him what he did was unacceptable. Harris says the jury’s out on Dunham and while he’s on an active investigation the office is under his purview.

Olivia asks the TA, a young woman, if Kimberg mentioned anything unusual happening. Olivia takes about 45 seconds to figure out they were sleeping together. The TA ‘fesses up. They were together for three months. She knew he was going to take a CDC job, a classified task force to oversee the country’s preparedness to fight off an epidemic.

The other scientist asked was Russell Simon at Cambridge. She tells Broyles about the evidence and the link. “Why kill an epidemiologist unless you’re going to start an epidemic?” she muses.

Broyles tells her he’s supposed to run things by Harris. He tells her to find Simon, he’ll handle Harris.

Olivia grabs Charlie for the trip. On the way out, the man coordinating the investigation into her abduction stops her to make sure everything about it was in her debrief. It’s Mitchell Loeb.

Olivia finds Simon and brings him back to HQ. He says only his wife knew he was taking the job. Harris interrupts the interview, saying he hasn’t approved putting Simon in protective custody. Olivia says Broyles didn’t approve her request. She tells him he doesn’t have to like her, just do the right thing. Harris agrees to keep Simon safe.

Peter calls. The slimy slug seems to be activated by a liquid, stomach acid. All you have to do is drink the virus and voila. Mitchell Loeb takes Simon a glass of water in the interview room. Charlie goes to check on him and the convulsions begin. Out comes to the slimy spiky slug thing. Charlie shoots it.

Back at the lab, Walter says the slug is a single cell of the virus for the common cold. Peter is stuck on why they needed Olivia. When Olivia offers she has no idea who cares about her, she just wants to find out who’s killing people, Peter says he cares about her. Walter takes note.

At Olivia’s house, she tries to cook for her sister. She asks Rachel if she’s heard from Greg. No. She says they can stay there as long as they want. She looks at her sister for a moment and asks if there’s something else she’s not telling her. No. Olivia doesn’t seem to believe her.

At HQ, Mitchell Loeb checks in with Olivia, reassuring her they’ll find whoever responsible. He picks her Magic 8 Ball up off the desk but drops it. When she bends down to pick it up she gets a second close view of his Italian loafers.

She asks to talk to Charlie. She tells him it’s Mitchell Loeb. She says she can prove it, but she needs his help.

Olivia arrives at Loeb’s house. No one appears to be home. She peers in the window.

At the lab, Walter doses the slug with decongestant (“She is a giant cold virus, after all”) and Charlie stops in for Peter, telling him Olivia needs help, but he can’t do it. “Sometimes the problem with being in law enforcement,” Charlie says, “is you gotta obey the law yourself.” “And you think I’m the guy to break the law for you?” Peter deadpans. Charlie starts to apologize when Peter cuts him off, “No, you’re right, I am the guy to break the law for you, what do we need?” A wiretap on Mitchell Loeb, FBI.

Back at Loeb’s house, Olivia starts to pick the lock when Loeb’s wife Samantha surprises her. Caught nearly red-handed she makes up a lame story about dropping by to see how Samantha was doing after Mitchell’s surgery. Samantha invites her in for some tea.

As they chat, Samantha asks what she was doing in town. Olivia says she’s working on a case. Suspicion of a double agent. Samantha suddenly seems less inclined to share tea. Olivia excuses herself to the bathroom.

Peter calls a friend who used to work at the phone company to tap the phone.

Samantha calls Mitchell. The tap isn’t working, so they don’t hear Mitchell tell his wife she needs to kill Olivia, “right now.”

Olivia goes through the Loeb’s papers, looking for evidence. Mitchell tells his wife Olivia’s already under suspicion for being unstable.

Peter tries the tap again.

Olivia finds a file with the slimy spiky slug in it. Peter taps in in time to hear Mitchell telling his wife where to find a gun in the house. Peter hangs up and calls Olivia, who quietly puts away the files she found. She sees Peter is calling and answers. He tells her Samantha is going to kill her and to get out of the house.

Mitchell leaves HQ. Samantha creeps down the hall, gun in hand. Olivia gets the drop on her and makes her drop the gun. Samantha starts crying and babbling, apologizing and advancing on Olivia, who waits just a second too long to shoot her. A chick fight breaks out. Samantha is winning until she throws Olivia across the room and both go to their guns and fire. Samantha’s shot ends up in the coffee table. Olivia’s ends up in Samantha’s forehead.

At the office, Olivia, Broyles, Francis and the Bishops examine Mitchell’s computer, which has been wiped clean.

Peter gets an idea. Mitchell doesn’t know his wife is dead, he points out. She could still contact him. They send him a text to meet at a payphone. Olivia and the Bishops, Francis and Broyles wait. Walter tells Olivia that Peter was really worried about her when she was gone. Really worried.

Mitchell pulls up and goes to the phone. They pull up to apprehend him. Just to keep him in place, Olivia shoots him in the arm. Then he leers at her. Perhaps remembering his recent exploratory medical procedure on her spine, she whacks him across the face. Peter approves.

They interrogate Mitchell, who sits stone faced. He wants to see his wife.

Harris watches, sure that Olivia won’t get a confession.

Olivia asks him what her spinal tap was all about. She tells him it’s his last chance. “Or what? You’ll torture me?” he says.

Olivia asks to be left alone. She takes out a photo of his wife and shows it to him. She tells him who pulled the trigger. He’s looking at her. She asks again if he killed the scientists. Yes, he shouts.

“Do you not understand the rules? What we’re up against? Who the two sides are? Tell me at least you understand that,” he says. She doesn’t. “We had a plan here, lady. And you just blew it.” He tells her they saved her, they were going to let her go. “You have no idea what you’ve done, not a clue.” Olivia looks like she might believe him.

Peter turns, smug on Olivia’s behalf, to Harris. There’s his confession.

Olivia talks to Peter about what Mitchell said about saving her. Even Walter agrees, crazy to crazy, Mitchell is off balance. Peter tells her Mitchell only said that to get a reaction. He tells her to go home. Walter says he was worried too when she was taken.

At home, Olivia is sacked out with her niece. Her sister puts a blanket over them and turns out the light.

And you… how do you like Season 1 of Fringe?