My friends from Zen College Life did an excellent piece about the top ten creepiest moments in David Lynch´s films.

    And they asked me to share it with all of you.

    Top ten creepiest moments from David Lynch´s career

    1. Agent Cooper’s dream in Twin Peaks
    2. The appearance of the Navigator in Dune
    3. Frank Booth’s dry-humping fit in Blue Velvet
    4. The chat with the Mystery Man in Lost Highway
    5. The figure behind the diner in Mulholland Drive
    6. The mythical origin story in The Elephant Man
    7. Club Silencio in Mulholland Drive
    8. The shooting at room 47 in Inland Empire
    9. The televised rabbits in Inland Empire
    10. Every single moment in Eraserhead

    We can also say a lot of things about David Lynch, but he is definitely an icon in creating great cult films and shows.

    As we can see for instance in the Twin Peaks homage episode of Psych, and many other pop references from Psych and other shows too to David Lynch´s work.

    What do you think? Are these the top ten creepiest moments of David Lynch´s film career? Let me know your favourite in the comments section.

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