traffic-light-en-fuego-spoilers-quotesIt´s time for new shows to air, we already checked out one that has me very optimistic called Mr Sunshine, and now here´s Traffic Light, A comedy about how friendships and romances both enhance and complicate our lives, which centers on three longtime friends and their attempts to navigate the demands of their relationships.

In this second episode, Mike and Ethan learn that Adam has been hanging onto “CJ,” a stuffed animal he won for Callie at a carnival when they were first dating – and a sort of “go-to” move that Adam has used in the past to win over the ladies. When the guys get rid of CJ, Callie becomes noticeably upset over the missing toy, so Adam tries to win a replica to replace Callie’s before she figures out what happened to it. Meanwhile, Lisa’s company hosts a charity tennis tournament, and she teams up with Ethan’s former flame to form the “Smash Sisters.” But their plans for intimidation on the court take a turn when Ethan reunites with his ex-girlfriend.

Quotes from Traffic Light S01E02 En Fuego

Lisa: You are not friend with your friend´s exes, that´s a Burn notice
Mike: Exactly

Mike: You haven´t retired that move?
Adam: Cause it´s a classic. It´s my Pick & Roll
Mike: That´s your pick & Roll?

Adam: I can´t believe you lost CJ

Callie: This is a bad omen

Lisa: It is hilarious and sexy

Lisa: Don´t deprive me of your love

Ethan: I love fourth grade teachers

Mike: We have a situation. Lisa has gone rogue

Ethan: This is why we don´t invite you to game night

Ethan: Ok, eyes on the road, Enoturage

Callie: You do this little dog thing with all your girlfriends?

Adam: Good thing I didn´t dated a girl named Brooke

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