Travel Channel, as usual is bringing us some original television to our homes, and in the week of August 28, originals include Sand Masters, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and Truck Stop.

Sand Masters episode on Sunday, August 28 at 7PM

Surprise Marriage Proposal
In this episode of Sand Masters, Rusty, Kirk and the team are hired to create a top-secret sand sculpture to help a California surfer surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal. It’s a covert operation as the sculptors fight terrible weather, horrible sand, raging tides and an onslaught of seagulls in the most high-stakes mission they’ve ever accepted.  The artists attempt to pull off the ultimate sting operation, pretending to carve a surfing-themed sculpture right under the girlfriend’s nose –even asking her to mode for them! They brave the elements and race against the clock as they try to complete a glorious sculpture in just two days – one that celebrates the couple yet cleverly conceals the proposal until the very last second. The team tries to help their nervous client seal the deal with the ultimate personalized and surprising sculpture that will make it impossible for his fiancee-to-be to say no.

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Monday, August 29 at 9PM

Cajun Country
Tony travels beyond New Orleans and into Cajun Country, to find what sets the bayou culture apart from the mainland. In the Big Easy, Tony is joined by actor and New Orleans native, Wendell Pierce. Here they pay a visit to the Eagle Saloon, the birthplace of Jazz where famous musicians like Buddy Bolden could be heard playing throughout the city. Next, Tony heads to Faubourg Treme, where he’s joined by Lolis Elie, award-winning columnist, author, producer, and writer on HBO’s Treme. Reflecting on the city’s Creole architecture, the men discuss the area’s unique regional culture, which, for Tony, has become a rarity in today’s fast food culture. The next day, Tony takes to Louisiana’s back roads in search of authentic Cajun cuisine. While dining on dirty rice, sweet potatoes, Boudin and cracklings, he discovers Cajun food is strikingly more rustic and less European than its Creole counterpart. This authentic food experience goes deeper when he is bestowed the honorable task of shooting a boucherie hog. For his last Cajun excursion, he joins an authentic craw-fish boil where he feasts on juicy craw-fish, the freshness he finds insurmountably better than similar dishes on the east coast.

Truck Stop, Missouri Wednesday, August 31 at 10PM

This week, it’s love and war at Midway. Joe has Ben oversee a self defense clinic, but Ben quickly finds himself being used as a human punching bag. Two bovine and their breeders meet at Midway to see if a picky cow will choose a virile bull for a mate. And at the Back Door Lounge, Jack welcomes competitive arm wrestling to try and beef up bar revenue. Plus Joe, Ben and Geno have some fun with a CB radio.

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